Who are we

Our team

In Wine Weather Resilience, we unite expertises from staff members with different backgrounds and from different European countries.

Jason Box taught microclimatology instrumentation and theory at the university level for 10 years, now is a Professor in glaciology in Copenhagen. Jason has 20 years field experience installing and maintaining climate station networks in Greenland and now as a wine lover turns his attention to Europe where he sees strong impacts of Arctic climate change radiating to Europe and beyond. Jason is a communicator and wine lover.


Nick Breeze is a journalist writing and filming both in wine, founding Secret Sommelier in 2005, and Envisionation reporting on climate change in 2010. Every year he visits vineyards across Europe, attending tastings and interviewing wine producers. Nick has also recorded over 200 interviews with climate change experts, leading him to conclude that the steady increase in the frequency of extreme weather events and resulting losses in wine production represent an urgent call to action that will spread to all forms of large-scale agriculture.


Dirk van As is a meteorologist and climatologist based in The Netherlands with 15+ years experience in setting up automated weather monitoring systems in extreme environments. Besides being passionate about good wine, Dirk is a climate consultant, and organises field logistics through Greenland Guidance, in addition to facilitating climate science communication through Cryo Connect.