Vineyard instrumentation

Our team has the knowledge and experience to run instrumentation in harsh environments, while always being mindful of the quality of the end result.

We can custom-build and install a variety of instruments or instrument networks for you. Please get in touch so that we can tailor a solution that fits your needs. Any specific instrument requirements you have, we can develop for you. Currently our instrument suite includes, but is not limited to:

Vineyard weather stations – climate monitoring for crop loss prevention
Our weather stations measure all relevant meteorological variables including precipitation, and can be upgraded to include for instance surface radiative components and more. Measurements are stored locally and transmitted in real-time for online viewing and alert systems. For large areas with variable topography we recommend observational networks that include one or more full weather stations and several smaller satellite stations. Vineyard weather stations can be programmed to send alerts, for instance when unseasonal frost is immanent.

Fog collectors – harvesting moisture from the atmosphere
If your land is in need of occasional irrigation, and positioned in a region where fog occurs, we can help you withdraw moisture from the atmosphere for storage and usage at a later time. The technology is simple: large nets collect fog and dew from the atmosphere in the early mornings, and gravity guides the water into storage tanks. This locally stored water can be used later that day, or half a year after collection, for instance to feed fogging machines reducing frost damage.

Fogging machines – reducing frost damage
We are in collaboration with scientists that develop fogging machines. If unseasonal frost occurs, and the blossoms or grapes are in danger of frost damage, producing fog locally helps prevent large crop losses. A network of fogging machines distributed over your fields provides full areal coverage.