Wine Weather Resilience

We provide vintners and other wine industry stakeholders with state-of-the-art weather monitoring and climate foresight for building weather resilience and sustainability.

Our business is inspired by the climate change that has begun influencing weather in Europe and beyond. We apply our competencies to regions under vine where the speed and accuracy of receiving weather data can mean saving harvests as unseasonal hail, frost, drought and storms are striking vines with increasing severity. Knowledge is power.

Years of interaction with vintners thought us about the climate problems that the wine industry faces. Our team has decades of experience in climate science and weather instrumentation that we can apply to your region of interest.

The ultimate aim of Wine Weather Resilience is to protect grape harvests from increasing weather extremes. In doing so, we pay attention to preserving the integrity of the vintage, so that each year remains a true expression of terroir.

Please contact us to discover how we can be of service to you.

Wine map of Europe

Our services and products include:

  • Weather monitoring tailored to your region.
  • Technological solutions for minimising the impact of unseasonal extreme weather events on grape harvests.
  • Climate projections on changes in temperature, frost, drought, precipitation, hail, and storm for your location.
  • Personal consults and public scientific presentations on the future of the wine industry in a changing climate.
  • Assistance with carbon footprint reduction, sustainability and organic solutions.
Wine weather resilience is partners with Secrect Sommelier