Our products

Our products and services are tailored to the wine industry

  • Science consults and presentations on the future of wine in a changing climate.
  • Instrumentation: live data feed and automated alert systems.
  • Scientific interpretation of weather in your region: microclimatology and topoclimatology (climate as determined by topography).
  • Quantifying past, present and future weather extremes for your region:┬áheat, frost, drought, precipitation, hail, and storm.
  • Satellite remote sensing: measuring and analysing plant stress from heat, water, and nitrogen excess or deficit.
  • Extreme weather forecasting.
  • Viticulture weather extremes risk management consulting.
  • Weather moderation: consulting on and provision of equipment minimising the impact of unseasonal extreme weather events on grape harvests, such as fog generators countering frost, and rapid-deploy hail countering canopy.
  • Consulting on carbon footprint reduction, sustainability, and organic solutions.

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